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How to celebrate the Day of the Dead in November

The Day of the Dead is celebrated on the first of November. Expect the best…

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6 Common Ingredients in Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine has many common ingredients that influence regional differences in the food and how…

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Vegetarian Spins on Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican food is some of the world's most diverse, enticing, and delicious cuisine. It's also…

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3 Tasty Desserts You’ll See On the Menu at Mexican Restaurants

It might seem like Mexican restaurants are all about burritos and tacos, but that's not…

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The History of the Enchilada

Enchiladas are typical Mexican dishes consisting of a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and…

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The Best Mexican Food Will Include These Tasty Vegetables

If you are a Mexican food lover, you are probably aware of the different ingredients…

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Understanding the Differences Between “Tex Mex” and Mexican Cuisine

Most Americans are surprised to learn that the Mexican food they get at their local…

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3 Healthy Foods You’ll Find In the Best Mexican Dishes

Most people are used to fast-food style, greasy Mexican dishes, but there are plenty of…

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What Are The Best Desserts In Mexican Cuisine?

Just about everyone has a favorite Mexican restaurant. The next time you are at your…

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Just How Popular Is Mexican Food?

It's highly likely that you've been to a Mexican restaurant at some point within the…

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5 Occasions to Celebrate With Authentic Mexican Food This Fall

Celebrating a special occasion with your family often means indulging in an excellent meal. As…

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The Origins of Authentic Mexican Cuisine: Mole

Mole is an authentic Mexican dish and one of the most popular dishes served in…

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