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The history behind the margarita!

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Even the food at the best Mexican restaurant can come in second place to the margarita. When you venture to your favorite local Mexican spot, you’re likely to discover something new, in addition to enjoying your favorite dishes and drinks. Pan de Muerto is often one such discovery. According to National Geographic, the Day of the Dead festivities, celebrated on November 1st, include delicious Pan de Muerto, which is a sweet, round bread topped with sesame seeds or sugar. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your margarita. Here’s some interesting history about this wonderful cocktail.

There’s No One Origin Story

Of course, more than a few people want to take credit for creating this popular drink. There are a number of different origination stories, with numerous people all claiming to have served the first margarita. The original marketing campaign was launched by Jose Cuervo in 1955 by Young’s Market.

Margarita Is the Spanish Name for a Daisy

During the 1930s and 1940s in the United States, Margarita was a popular name for baby girls born in those decades. Another fact that often comes up when discussing the history of the margarita is that Daisy is the English name of the popular flower that’s known as a margarita in Mexico. All of these factors are a part of the lore of this delicious drink. This fact comes into play because there are a number of claims by creators who state they named the cocktail after their wife or girlfriend.

No Matter the History, It’s Definitely a Favorite!

Even with its somewhat vague history, the margarita is a big part of what makes the best Mexican restaurant. Whether you love your marg on the rocks, frozen, or flavored, there’s nothing quite like going out to your favorite Mexican spot and enjoying one of these great cocktails with friends and family. Now’s the perfect time to make a reservation to enjoy a festive meal and a few drinks. No matter when or by whom the margarita was created, everyone can agree that it’s one of the best cocktails around!

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