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What Fruits Taste Best in a Margarita?

Do you and your loved ones enjoy authentic Mexican Cuisine? What better way to wash down a good taco or enchilada than with a margarita? If you’re not keen on lime, you may wonder what other fruit tastes best in a margarita. Read on to find out!


The margarita is the most popular cocktail among 60% of Americans, according to the online magazine Restaurant Hospitality. It’s hard to imagine a margarita without lime. After all, a classic margarita combines lime juice with tequila and some form of sweetener like agave. A lime is a citrus fruit that is distinctive from a lemon due to its green color and milder tart taste. Before you try a margarita in other flavors, you should always give the classic lime one a try for reference.


A mango is a popular tropical fruit known for its sweet, soft orange pulp. Some people say it has hints of pineapple and peach. It’s a nice contrast from a tart lime if you prefer your margarita sweeter and with lots of vitamin C.


On its own, tamarind is known as a sweet and sour fruit that’s good for heart health and lowering cholesterol levels. Combined with the tequila of a margarita, you have a balance of flavors that can go either sweet or sour. Remember, as the fruit ripens, it tends to get sweeter.


As summer approaches, you may be interested in feasting upon ripe watermelon. Why not drink it instead? While watermelon can come in a yellow or white color, the most popular color and sweetest form is a luscious dark pink or red. A ripe watermelon is very sweet and provides excellent hydration. When it’s mixed into a margarita, you can enjoy a cool and refreshing summer drink with your authentic Mexican cuisine.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a unique fruit that is characterized by its seeds that are surrounded by a slightly clear but tart-tasting, nucleus-like texture. This highly nutritious fruit contains fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin A. You may even like the texture of some of the ground seeds that some people may include when they make a drink with it.

If you’re ready to try excellent food and drinks, authentic Mexican cuisine is the perfect choice. Now that you understand the amazing fruit you can mix into your Margarita, your Mexican happy hour can be more fun than ever. Visit Talavera Cocina Mexicana today so you can try all of these Margarita flavors this summer.