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3 Healthy Foods You’ll Find In the Best Mexican Dishes

Most people are used to fast-food style, greasy Mexican dishes, but there are plenty of healthy options out there, especially when you pick the right restaurant. Authentic food can make all the difference, and the best Mexican food in America features many healthy options and beneficial nutrients.

Some of these dishes go back 2000 years to the time of the Mayans, who lived off the land with ingredients like corn, peppers, fruits, chicken, pork, turkey, and more. All of these can be prepared in healthy ways, but let’s explore some of the best foods Mexican culture has to offer.

1. Mole Sauce

Anyone familiar with Mexican cuisine knows about mole sauce, but most people are not aware of the many health benefits of this preparation. It’s most popular in the central and southern regions of the country, and its chocolate and spicy taste is sure to entice your palate.

While it is heavy in calories, it’s packed with amazing nutrients such as Vitamin B, iron, zinc, calcium, riboflavin, and more. Furthermore, chocolate is a great source of flavonoids, which protect your body cells, and it’s a natural energy booster.

The best Mexican dishes pair mole sauce with chicken, which is perfect for anyone watching their diet. But it can also be used in a variety of ways, like serving it with salads, avocado, and tomatoes with an even healthier intake.

2. Ceviche

While the origins of ceviche are highly debated among Latin Americans, Mexico is known for loving the lemony dish. It’s low on calories and contains the best kind of proteins that food has to offer.

It features a low-fat fish, such as corvina, which has polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as a myriad of vitamins. Furthermore, any fish is easily-digestible and prevents high cholesterol. The lemon used to “cook” the fish is known for containing vitamin C, which is essential for human health.

The dish also contains onions that are known for their antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Finally, cilantro is beneficial as it boosts our nervous system and mental capacities.

3. Octopus

When it comes to seafood, most people disregard octopus or are afraid of trying it. But they are missing out on one of the best healthy Mexican foods in the world. Aside from being delicious, one serving of octopus contains vitamin B12, iron, fatty acids, and potassium, all of which are essential for your body.

The dish has also been known for preventing different kinds of cancer because it contains an amino acid called taurine. Furthermore, octopus has phosphorus, which helps your brain function properly. Therefore, it’s time to consider adding it to your diet.

All these wonderful healthy foods are found in several dishes at Talavera Cocina Mexicana in Coral Gables, Florida. The restaurant will change your perspective on Mexican cuisine in general and elevate your palate in many ways.