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Best Mexican Food Miami

3 Interesting Twists to the Best Mexican Foods

For residents living in Miami, life often feels like a full-time vacation. The sandy beaches, favorable weather year-round, and thrilling nightlife make it a great place to live and a top destination for tourists worldwide. To top it all are rich cuisines that give the city its soul. Mexican dishes are particularly trendy for the simple reason that they’re delicious.

History has it that Mexican cuisines originated from what the Mayans prepared 2,000 years ago. They lived off land feeding on pork, chicken, turkey, duck, and fruits. It explains the great variety of the best Mexican food, rich flavors, and the fresh ingredients used to make them. The best Mexican restaurants are not only preparing the popular Mexican tacos but also introducing a fresh twist to their menus. Here are new Mexican dishes you should expect.

The Birria

The growing popularity of Mexican foods has made consumers more adventurous in their food choices. More people are looking for authentic dishes beyond the familiar burrito, and Birria is one of the best Mexican food options that has aroused interest. Its hype is relentless given the different mash-ups displayed on social media platforms like Instagram. From Birria waffles to Birria pho to Birria fries, you can enjoy countless Birria twists. It gained international recognition because of its exquisite taste and ability to help people recover after a long night out.

The Mexican dish originated from the state of Jalisco and comprises meat stew made from goat meat. Some Mexican restaurants also make it using mutton or beef, as the meats are readily available. The preparation techniques vary depending on the restaurant, and there are different ways of enjoying Birria.

The first is consome, which is a type of stew containing dried chilies and spices. For this kind, the meat is shredded and served in the soup. For the best results, the meat is soaked for a long time to make it tender. The consome is served with onion, corn tortillas, lime, and cilantro. You can also enjoy Birria in the form of tacos. The meat is shredded, and the tortilla is heated up and dipped in broth before adding meat. This kind is also served with salsa, onion, lime, and cilantro.

Tex-Mex Cuisines

Tex-Mex dishes are also popular in some of the best Mexican restaurants in Miami. They have their origin from Texas and came into existence when settlers started moving to Texas and encountered the Mexican culture. As more Americans moved to the area, Mexican food became popular, with locals adding their twists. Tex-Mex dishes are somewhat similar to Mexican cuisines, but the notable difference is in preparing them.

Tex-Mex uses yellow cheese, while in Mexico, only white cheese is used. Also, the spices used are different. Cumin is all the rage in Tex-Mex cuisines, while authentic Mexican food is prepared using cacao, chile peppers, cilantro, and oregano. If planning to try Tex-Mex cuisines, try the queso, a staple in many restaurants, chili con carne, and fajitas.

Baja Cuisines

While Baja cuisines are still in their infancy in the U.S. market, few restaurants are introducing these dishes. Named after Mexico’s state, Baja food has its origin from Tijuana, famous fried fish tacos, and Caesar salad. The dishes provide different depths of flavor, from spicy and sweet to hot and salty to chilled and spicy. It is this abundance of flavor that makes Baja dishes one of the best Mexican food options.

Seafood is central to most Baja dishes, as various recipes feature clams and oysters. The most popular is called the chocolate clams, which is also referred to as Baja seafood candy because of the consistent brown color of the shell. Baja sauces and spices are also used to add interesting twists to regular Mexican bites. Lump crab meat can be served with appetizers like Crab Toast and Avocado Baja Elotes, adding an interesting twist to this street food staple. The creamy avocados balance the tangy seasoning and spicy cilantro in the dish.

Other restaurants are using the Baja flair to add an interesting twist to the famous Mexican dish of salsa. Beyond using salsa as a side for chips, it’s added to spinach artichoke dip, loaded fries, eggs, and cheese sandwiches.

The best Mexican food options provide dishes true to their heritage as well as an abundance of flavors. With all of these tasty options, you are spoilt for choice.