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Just How Popular Is Mexican Food?

It’s highly likely that you’ve been to a Mexican restaurant at some point within the past year, if not within the past month. But why? What makes Mexican food so popular among Americans? Let’s look into some of the reasons why this cuisine is still considered a classic. Some might surprise you!

1. Americans of Mexican Descent

The United States and Mexico are neighboring countries. For that reason, among others, there has been a good deal of immigration between the two countries. Countless Americans are either first-generation immigrants from Mexico, or are descended from people that emigrated from Mexico to the United States. According to the U.S. Census and Simmons National Consumer Survey, 233.28 million Americans used Mexican food and ingredients within 2017 alone. These Americans pass down classic Mexican food recipes through the generations. Furthermore, many Americans of Mexican descent invest in Mexican restaurants, adding to the cuisine’s American presence.

2. Its Diversity

There are so many different types of Mexican food styles; one for everyone, you could say. There is truly authentic Mexican food, which may be harder to find in this day and age, with more unique flavors and spices. There is popular Mexican food, which may be more Americanized and less authentic, but nonetheless delicious. There is Tex-Mex, which deliberately combines traditional American and Mexican flavors. Mexican fusion combines Mexican food with other types of cuisine, like Japanese food, for example, and many localities have added their own personal touches to Mexican food.

3. It’s Affordable

You can always find high-end Mexican food, and that is delicious in itself. But most Mexican restaurants pride themselves on offering affordable meals. It’s rarely expensive to make Mexican food at home, either. Mexican food relies on quality, easy to find ingredients, and that makes it easy to keep costs down.

There are so many reasons why Mexican food is so popular; these are just a few. Mexican food is something of a staple in the United States, and not just in terms of the restaurants that we all visit. Americans are also fond of making their own Mexican food at home, even when they do not have family recipes to pass down. Just remember: Mexican food is here to stay, and you should fully embrace it!