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What meats are most commonly cooked in Mexican restaurants?

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Authentic Mexican restaurants serve a wide range of deliciously prepared meats. Mexican cuisine started with the Mayans over 2,000 years ago, according to MexHub. The Mayans are credited with being experts at living off the land and the available food, including turkey, duck, chicken, and pork. Today, many Mexican restaurants use the same meats to create decadent meals. Here are some of the most common meats cooked at a Mexican restaurant.


Whenever you see the word “Carne” on a Mexican restaurant’s menu, it’s a dish created with beef. For example, Carne Asada is a marinated beef steak. You can find this type of beef in burritos, tacos, or on a plate with rice and beans. It has a rich flavor thanks to the marinade full of delicious spices.

Beef is used in many Mexican dishes. Beef tongue, or Lengua, is a Mexican delicacy. Proper preparation of Lengua requires cooking the meat twice to ensure it’s fork-tender.


Pollo, or chicken, is another popular meat cooked in Mexican restaurants. Pollo Asada, a popular Mexican dish, is grilled chicken marinated in spices that packs a flavor punch. Pollo Asada is often served in tacos, burritos, or a stand-alone dish.

Another popular Mexican dish is Chori Pollo. Sausage and chicken are grilled together and served with rice and beans. It’s a delicious meat-lovers meal.

Chorizo/Pork Sausage

Mexican sausage, or Chorizo, combines pork, pork fat, paprika, salt, and other spices. There is both a sweet version of Chorizo and a spicy version. Both versions can be part of many different Mexican meals, such as tacos or burritos! Chorizo is also commonly incorporated into queso, so try it out in a cheesy blend with homemade tortilla chips!


Goat meat is a staple in Mexico, and if you’re lucky enough to find it on the menu, it’s a must-try meat. Goat stew, Birria (braised goat meat), and other goat meat dishes are delectable. You can expect to find a spicy punch, too!

There are many different types of meats you can find in Mexican restaurants that are prepared in ways to bring out their flavors. Visit Talavera Cocina Mexicana today to try tasty Mexican meals everyone in your family will love.