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What cheesy dishes can you find at a Mexican restaurant?

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Cheese is a salty and flavorful food that can make any dish more appealing. A Mexican restaurant is a perfect place to satisfy your cheese cravings with these staple dishes. Let’s take a look at a few delicious dishes you’ll find on the menu of your favorite restaurant.


Imagine biting into a corn tortilla filled with delicious ingredients and topped with cheese and sauce. According to the University of North Carolina, you can trace tortilla wraps back to the Aztecs! Enchilada means “in chile,” and the word has been in use throughout the U.S. since 1885. It’s clear that enchiladas have a fascinating history and a fantastic flavor!


Like enchiladas, quesadillas are made from tortillas and stuffed with tasty ingredients like cheese. While tortillas get rolled around filling when making enchiladas, a quesadilla is usually made by folding over a tortilla or stacking two tortillas on top of each other. Typically, a quesadilla is fried or grilled and served while it’s still piping hot! This popular dish is a savory version of the cascadilla, which is a Mexican pastry.


You can’t find this traditional chicken dish on the menu at every Mexican restaurant, but it’s unbelievably delicious. It’s made by filling tortillas with chicken, cheese, and other ingredients and topping it with a mole sauce. Enmoladas make for a warm and decadent meal, especially when made with cotija or goat cheese!


People love tacos because they’re flavorful and easy to eat! In fact, the word taco actually translates to “light meal.” While you can fill a taco with various ingredients, some of the best tacos contain tons of cheese. It’s especially common to find cheese in vegetarian tacos! The combination of cheese, beans, and vegetables is hard to top.

Chile Relleno

Poblano chili peppers are already packed with flavor when eaten on their own, but they taste even better when filled with other ingredients, like rice and cheese. Traditionally, the peppers are coated with egg before baking, making the dish even more flavorful. It’s a cheesy and authentic Mexican dish that everyone should try!

If cheese is an ingredient you can’t get enough of, then you’ll want to dine out at a Mexican restaurant as soon as possible. Mexican eateries offer a massive range of cheesy dishes, allowing you to pick a meal you love. Visit our restaurant if you’re in the mood for great food and a healthy helping of cheese!