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Mexican Cuisine

How Is Seafood Incorporated Into Mexican Cuisine?

Mexican cuisine is known for its bold and vibrant flavors, which are derived from the use of various herbs, spices, and ingredients, including the tomatillo, a fruit that dates back to at least 800 B.C., according to World Food and Wine. One of the popular ingredients used in Mexican cuisine is seafood. The combination of seafood and Mexican flavors results in dishes that are not only delicious but also healthy. Here are three ways seafood is incorporated into Mexican cuisine.


Ceviche is a popular seafood dish in Mexican cuisine. It is made from raw fish that is marinated in citrus juices, such as lime or lemon, along with herbs, chili peppers, and vegetables. The acid in the citrus juices cooks the fish, which gives it a unique texture and flavor. Ceviche can be made with different types of seafood, including shrimp, octopus, and scallops. It’s usually served as a snack or an appetizer, accompanied by tortilla chips.

Shrimp Tacos

Tacos de Camaron, also known as shrimp tacos, is another popular seafood dish in Mexican cuisine. They are made with sauteed shrimp in chipotle & tamarind and are served on a soft tortilla topped with onion cilantro and cucumber. Shrimp tacos are a delicious and healthy alternative to meat tacos and are a favorite among seafood lovers.

Camarones/Huachinango al Ajillo

This dish is either shrimp or snapper with garlic and guajillo chile. It’s made by sautéing shrimp or snapper in a garlic butter sauce with a touch of chili pepper for a little bit of heat. The dish is often served with house white rice and beans and garnished with fresh cilantro. The garlic butter sauce is what makes this dish stand out, as it adds a rich and flavorful taste to the shrimp.

Seafood is a prominent ingredient in Mexican food that can be incorporated in a number of different ways. These foods are just a few examples of the many delicious seafood dishes that can be found in Mexican restaurants throughout the world. The combination of bold Mexican flavors and fresh seafood creates dishes that are not only tasty but also healthy. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican dishes in Coral Gables, Florida, including ones that offer seafood, then be sure to check out Talavera Cocina Mexicana. Get in touch with us today to make a reservation.