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6 Common Ingredients in Mexican Cuisine

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Mexican cuisine has many common ingredients that influence regional differences in the food and how it is made. According to World Food and Wine, when Spain invaded Mexico in 1521, this country had the most influence on Mexican food. They brought livestock like pigs, cows, sheep, dairy products, herbs, spices, and wheat to Mexico.

At Talavera Cocina Mexicana, we use many traditional ingredients with unique flavors in our Mexican entrees. You will enjoy the tasty flavor of the following six ingredients in our delicious entrees.

1. Avocados

This fruit with a butter flavor can be sliced, diced, and added to salads. Sometimes it is pureed and made into a dip to eat with tortilla chips, called guacamole. It is often used as a garnish on a plate of beans or served with tacos and beef tenderloin dishes. Avocado adds a mild flavor when eating a spicy, flavorful Mexican dish.

2. Beans

Most Mexican entrees are served with beans, a traditional ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Black beans, pinto beans, and other varieties make refried beans, dips, and black bean vinegarette used in salads. Overall, beans provide flavor and protein to tasty dishes.

3. Chiles

Dried and fresh chiles are a common flavor in many dishes. There are many types of chiles, and many have hot, spicy flavors. We use roasted poblano chilies, chipotle, ancho, and serrano. They are used in main entrees with beef, chicken, and fish. Often, they are added to salads, soups, and appetizers.

4. Cilantro

Cilantro is a common herb added to Mexican dishes used with seafood appetizers, tacos, and other main entrees. It is lemony with a hint of black pepper that gives it a unique taste.

5. Lime

Fresh lime juice is used in many drinks, like Margaritas and specialty cocktails. It is often used in appetizers, soups, salads, and main entrees. A squeeze of lime often complements the diverse flavors of Mexican cuisine.

6. Tomatoes

This vegetable is a common ingredient used in sauces, toppings for tacos or burritos, and in stews and rice. It adds flavor and color to entrees. Fresh tomatoes in a salad or on tacos complement the spicy flavor of Mexican food.

These are some of the common ingredients we use in our Mexican cuisine at Talavera Cucina Mexicana to infuse our foods with flavor. Contact us today to learn more about our fantastic entrees!