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3 Tasty Desserts You’ll See On the Menu at Mexican Restaurants

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It might seem like Mexican restaurants are all about burritos and tacos, but that’s not true. If you are on the hunt for sweet goodies, you will definitely encounter some candies, sweet drinks, chocolates, and Mexican cakes. Have you heard about the Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake? This is one slice of heaven that you need to order the next time you dine at a Mexican restaurant. Here are other tasty desserts you’ll see on the menu at Mexican restaurants.

Tres Leches Cake

This is one of the top Mexican cakes you should try. Unlike the majority of cakes in Mexico, this one is lighter. The name Tres Leches translates to three milks in English. It’s a butter cake that is soaked with three different types of milk. It’s made using evaporated milk, whole milk, and condensed milk. Since this cake does not normally contain butter, you will find that it has a lot of bubbles. Chefs normally place fresh fruit on top of this cake. So, you can expect to find some peach slices or raspberries on it. The cake is thought to have originated between Mexico and Nicaragua, and it’s quite popular at parties and different kinds of celebrations.

Chocolate Jalapeno Cake

One of the most interesting facts about Mexican cake recipes is how they contain some spice. Most of the cakes contain chilies and jalapenos. The Mexican Chocolate Jalapeno Cake is a perfect example of a cake recipe that uses finely chopped jalapenos for a slight kick and chili taste. The cake tastes wonderful, and the Jalapenos give a truly unique flavor to chocolate.


For this one, you might have to wait until the holiday season. However, you may be lucky to find Mexican restaurants that serve it any time of the year. Normally, this cake is made during the period between December and February. It comes in a circle shape, representing the crown of three kings. This is a lemon-flavored cake that contains almonds and orange zest. It’s often topped with fruits, and it usually comes with a miniature model of the baby Jesus.

According to World Food and Wine, the Spaniards brought chocolate to Europe in 1657. We can thank the Aztecs for this delectable dessert! Aside from chocolate desserts, these are some wonderful Mexican desserts that you can try. Just make sure you remember the names so you can order the next time you dine at a Mexican restaurant. Visit our restaurant today!