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3 Chocolate desserts served at authentic Mexican restaurants

According to the World of Food and Wine, Spaniards brought chocolate to Europe in 1657 after being introduced to it by the Aztecs. Thank you to the Aztecs! Today’s truly authentic Mexican restaurants offer a number of incredible chocolate desserts for their patrons to enjoy. If you want to try something a bit different from the usual cheesecake, fruit pie, or ice cream, then you’re in luck. Mexico is known for its wonderful cuisine, and the country’s desserts are just as delicious as you’d imagine them to be. Continue reading to learn more about these delicious delights.

1. Sopapillas With Aztec Chocolate Sauce

Who doesn’t love sopapillas? When you pair them with delicious, hot Aztec chocolate sauce, the experience is out of this world. If you want a light pastry as an endpoint to your meal, then you can’t go wrong with a fresh, homemade sopapilla. Often described as a type of doughnut, they’re a lot lighter and fluffier than other pastries, which makes them a popular dessert choice after a large meal. When you enjoy them with chocolate sauce, it’s even better. The strong, slightly bitter taste of the Aztec chocolate sauce is a perfect counterpoint to the sweetness of the pastry. It’s the perfect dessert to satisfy any sweet tooth.

2. Mexican Chocolate Truffles

Unlike their French counterparts, the chocolate truffles served at authentic Mexican restaurants have a unique flavor that’s Mexican through and through. This isn’t a sweet dessert, but one with the distinct taste of Mexican chocolate. It’s a perfect ending to a rich meal when a more traditional and sweet dessert may feel overwhelming. These homemade concoctions are available at the best Mexican restaurants and are definitely worth a try.

3. Chocolate-Pumpkin Seed Cake

In Mexico, pumpkin seeds are called pepitas and are a fun and tasty part of Mexican cuisine. This is a simple cake that doesn’t need any type of frosting or sugary glaze. The pepitas are rolled in cinnamon, which adds a unique taste that complements the chocolate very well. If you want a sweet ending to your meal but don’t want anything too sweet, then order a chocolate-pumpkin seed cake and enjoy yourself!

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