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Authentic Mexican Food Miami

The Origins of Authentic Mexican Cuisine: Mole

Mole is an authentic Mexican dish and one of the most popular dishes served in homes and restaurants across Mexico. Most mole dishes are served with a sauce with fruit, nuts, tomatoes, and chiles. Making mole requires grinding ingredients to be combined with stock to make a paste. It is cooked in a pan over low heat until it reaches the right consistency. Talavera Cocina Mexicana in Coral Cables serves three types of mole, an authentic Mexican cuisine.

History of Mole in Mexico

Puebla in Mexico has one of the most famous mole dishes called Mole Poblano that uses chocolate and chilies in their recipe, and when cooked, has a dark brown rich sauce. Mole Negro uses several different types of chilies, chocolate, nuts, and spices. Mole is a complex dish, and some have 30 ingredients or more. There are many variations of this tasty, authentic Mexican cuisine. Most of the sauces have chilies, onion, garlic, and tomatoes. They use some type of thickener, which can be nuts, tortillas, bread, or seeds. Mole is described as a concept, not a specific dish with a list of ingredients.

Mole involves preparing several ingredients separately and combining them into a paste to make a sauce. Chilies are used for spiciness, sweetness, and smokiness. The consistency of mole can be very thick to thin like a soup broth. Few moles’ dishes use chocolate but when they do it is usually bitter not sweet. Mole Verde is simple and made with tomatillos, pumpkin seed, and fresh cilantro. This traditional Mexican dish varies from restaurant to restaurant. Spanish foods had the most influence on Mexican cuisine. They introduced livestock like sheep, goats, and cows. They also introduced dairy products, garlic, herbs, and spices.

Mole Dishes at Talavera Cocina Mexicana

The organic chicken breast mole poblano uses 30 fresh ingredients: chilies, Mexican chocolate, nuts, herbs, and spices. The chicken is cooked in a sauce and served with rice topped with sesame seeds and watercress. The roasted pork belly mole Blanco uses pork belly, pine nuts, sesame seeds, and almonds and is topped with pecan apricot chutney served with white rice. Beef chuck steak mole Coloradito is made with ancho peppers, herbs, spices, nuts, and plantains, served with white rice and grilled zucchini.

Stop by Talavera Cocina Mexican in Coral Gables to try our authentic Mexican cuisine or mole dishes. They are delicious and go well with our soup or salad selections.